SEMBA is 1 Yr Old! Still in Diapers, But Way Past Crawling :)

Our rookie year is just about in the books – so let’s pat ourselves on the back!!  We scoured our Instagram and FB page to collect the “year in photos” below.  Before we start blowing kisses, here’s a blatant call out:  If you’re a member already, don’t forget to RENEW when you get bombarded by the IMBA postcards and e-minders.  If you’re not a member yet, then JOIN ALREADY.  Our goal is 100 members by the end of the year!! (We currently have 64 official members, in case you’re curious).


Alan, John, Jen, and Archito – getting ready to host a fat bike demo during the Winter Recreation Summit
  • August 2015 – Jennifer Girard, Ted Dardzinski, Ingrid Braun, and myself (Alan Jacoby) got together, drank beers, wrote a manifesto, crushed cans, played bike polo, drank more beers, and formed the “Founding Board of SEMBA”.  We recently voted in Scott Weaver and Mike Braun, for a total of 7 board members.
  • September 2015 – We hosted the California IMBA Summit in Mammoth – met a lot of cool folks, took them on a lot of cool rides, and started our process of becoming an IMBA Chapter.
  • October 31, 2015 – We hosted our first ever group ride – the “Halloween Frankenride”.  31 peeps showed up.  We dressed up like weirdos, rode bikes, ate brats, drank beer, and Jon Widen won the bike derby contest.  The 2nd Annual Frankenride is just a few days away… get your costume ready!! (details on flyer below)
  • December 11th, 2015- We officially became an IMBA Chapterfrankenride2016


SEMBA and Mammoth Lakes hosted the 2016 IMBA West Coast Summit – Here, with the help of MMSA, we shuttled over 50 riders safely down Mountain View Trail
Putting in new soft surface signage on Panorama MTB Trail
Obligatory group photo at a Summer of Stewardship Trail Day
Clearing back brush on a Lower Rock Creek  SEMBA/BLM Trail Day.  We put tools in our packs and did seasonal maintenance as we rode the trail.  WIN-WIN
John Armstrong and Mike Braun smacking in more signage on Mountain View Trail
I have an idea!  Let’s stand around and hold shovels and take a pic.

In addition to these photos, SEMBA continually engages in trail work and advocacy in many other ways.  Here are some examples:

  • Volunteering on trail days in the Alabama Hills and other areas
  • Participating in the Inyo Forest Plan Revision – submitting comments on proposed Wilderness areas and every other aspect of the planning process.
  • Currently working with the BLM to make cohesive, signed, mountain biking routes in the Tungsten Hills
  • Currently working with the Town of Mammoth Lakes / USFS towards implementing the SHARP plan, and building sustainable singletrack connectors to Mammoth Rock Trail and eventually a trail network in the Sherwin Meadows.
  • Currently working with TOML on a winter Fat Bike Pilot Program in Shady Rest
  • Collaborated with Eastern Sierra Nordic Ski Association, Sierra Responsible Riders, and Friends of the Inyo to submit a proposal to Ed Armenta / US Forest Service to amend the current Forest Order banning fat bikes from public groomed trails.
  • Created a Fat Biking on Snow educational presentation and demo day at the Mammoth Winter Recreation Summit.
  • Attended the Fat Bike Summit in Jackson, WY
  • Attended the Lake Tahoe Bike Summit


Starting line at Tuesday Night Lights – our Winter Fat Bike Race Series held in partnership with Mammoth Mountain Ski Area at Sierra Star Golf Course.
The O.G. poster – I heard these are going on eBay for bookoo bucks 
Shovel snow off the podium, check.  Light the bonfire, check.  Fill cup with JLB awesome beer, check.  Molly photo bomb, check.
In partnership with MMSA, we brought back the Cross Country VC Races.  Kept it FREE, moved it from Shady Rest Park to Main Lodge.  More successful than ever before – averaged 40-50 riders at every race.
Mammoth Lakes PD sponsored the “Super Grom” race at the VC’s and Shimano supplied medals to all the kids.
1st Annual Frankenride – wear costumes, ride bikes, eat brats.  #simplepleasures
One of Hunter’s famous selfies.  #shrek
Heading down Chidago Canyon on the inaugural Fleeing Felon Figure 8 gravel grinder. #runwhatchabrung
Grilling, soaking, and hanging out at Benton Hot Springs after the Fleeing Felon in March.
Sharing the stoke at the 4th of July Parade in Mammoth
On top of the world!  Fall Full Elephant ride to the summit of Mammoth Mountain in early October.
Fat bike group ride in Shady Rest (early season / before grooming has commenced) #happydoghappylife #doesntsuck
Snowshoe packed singletrack on Uptown / Downtown.  #boom
Starting line of the MLBFL – Mammoth Lakes Big Friggin Loop – a 50 or 27 mile tour of the best dirt Mammoth has to offer.
We also put on “the” quintessential bikepacking ride of the Eastern Sierra – The Caldera 250/500
Starters of the 2016 Caldera 250/500
Alex and Matt on top of Mt. Patterson in the Sweetwaters, the highpoint of the Caldera route.
Fatty Fun For ALL – Go, Jackson!! – Fat bike demos at Sierra Star Golf Course
FACT – Riding bikes makes you SMILE
Go, Lucy Go!
Taking an awesome group of groms down Mammoth Rock Trail – SEMBA co-sponsored Mountain Bike Youth Camps with the Town of Mammoth Lakes this summer.  All camps sold out and will be back- bigger and better next year!
Towing the line at Wye Rd CX venue – Owen Valley Cyclocross Series with the peeps from Aerohead Cycles in Bishop. #getlactic 


Ann is crushing it with a smile!  I love how the dude behind her is so serious.  #yougotchicked
Had to throw in the Quadzilla pic of Braunie.  #hecknotoepo
Lucy showing off the freeride jersey.  Yes, those are JLB kegs behind her.  Yes, I have duct tape on my floors.  #priorities #dontjudge
  • SEMBA / Sierra Eastside Racing was formed with director Mike Braun at the helm
  • Team members competed and represented at numerous events in our region – including the Sierra Cup, US Mountain Bike Nationals, Kamikaze Bike Games, Carson City Off Road, etc
  • Race for fun.  Race for fitness.  Race with friends.
  • Super cool XC kits and freeride jerseys
  • Learn more, and get involved with the race team – click here

Yes, it’s been a busy rookie year.  We are not stopping.  We are committed to improving and expanding mountain biking in the Eastern Sierra.  See y’all on Oct. 29th at the Halloween Ride 🙂

Get busy living or get busy dying.




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