Fat Biking

Our Final Fat Bike Race will be the “St. Fatty’s Eve Bike Bash” on March 16th, 2017 – 6:00pm @ Tamarack XC Ski Center.  See the flyer below for details.  If you need a rental bike, you must reserve in advance by emailing or texting Jen: fatbikes@eastsidewide.com / 760-914-0675

In addition to the race, we’ll also be offering FREE fat bike demos (first come, first served – no reservations) afterwards from 7-8pm.  A great opportunity to throw your leg over a fat bike, and ride it on gentle, groomed terrain without the pressure of “a race”.

The course will be fantastic.  It starts with the Twin Lakes Loop, climbs Willows to Short But Sweet and takes Ulli’s up to Lake Mary Rd before crossing over on Dome and Vista Trails.  It finally comes back through the Cabins Trail and finishes at the Yurt!!  See map below.



Call/text Alan @ 310-801-9297 for the most up to date information.  Also,  join our Email List and follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop.